Strap yourself in for a modern espionage thriller that revisits the classics of the ’50s and ’60s. Car chases, exotic locations, and brushes with death that will keep you glued to each page.

Former MI6 spy Jesse McMullen is ready for retirement from the private sector. His final job is to compile and deliver a dossier on Russia’s attempts to destabilize the west through political and business relationships. When key portions of the McMullen Dossier are leaked to the public before being delivered to NATO intelligence, a Russian terrorist group begins carrying out targeted assassinations in Russia…Britain…Croatia…Switzerland, and beyond!

Former SEAL and intelligence expert Bryce Jacobs is recruited to help with the safe exchange of the dossier but he is delayed due to typical hazards related to his line of work.

Fit, confident, and American, former U.S. Olympic biathlete John Roberts is mistaken for Jacobs when he climbs off of his flight in Munich. Being used to the extra attention, he brushes off the odd encounters until an exchange of gunfire helps reality sink in. Now, with some of the worlds deadliest individuals after him, he must survive long enough for Jacobs and McMullen to deliver the dossier, deal with the Russians and save Western Democracy. J.M Ammo’s debut novel THE MUNICH RECRUIT delivers excitement from cover to cover. The perfect adventure for your vacation or break from the daily grind.

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